Who can join?

Membership is open to veterinary professionals who are employed by a Government department or provide services to Government.

What can AGV do for you?

  • Provide relevant and accessible CPD (independent, self-financing)
  • Access to events
  • Channel of communication to BVA
  • International communication and linkage (EASVO)  Network of colleagues across Government
  • Continuity after retirement
  • Solidarity
  • Opportunity of Council membership
  • Positive engagement with senior management across GVS
  • Input into consultations
  • Newsletters
  • Engagement with other organisations
  • Promote the veterinary voice
  • Authoritative, independent opinion on matters affecting vets in Government

Who you do for AGV?

  • Join us
  • Pay your subscription
  • Contribute to newsletters
  • Attend events and CPD
  • Provide feedback on communications, website, consultations and events
  • Promote membership to others
  • Provide news items, information about innovation, views
  • Stand for council

The more members, the more value the organisation can offer