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The Association of Government Veterinarians (AGV) is a Specialist Division of the British Veterinary Association representing the views of vets working in UK Government Departments and Executive Agencies.

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Spring Conference 2019

23 March 2019, Gloucester

Solving future veterinary dilemmas by building resilient vets and a strong profession for the future. An interactive and thought-provoking day with plenty of time for discussions. Conference programme coming soon.

AGV responds to Michael Gove's "EU vet snub"

On 13 June during and oral evidence session at the House of Commons (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee) Secretary of State Michael Gove stated:


“...other countries have people who are skilled and valuable who fulfil a vet med function, but who are not trained to the same level. That is one of the reasons, for example, that in our abattoirs we often have people from other countries who do a great job, but who do not necessarily have the same level of qualification as full-dress vets here.”


AGV members raised severe concerns over the implications of this statement. In a letter sent to Michael Gove on 21 June 2018 AGV president Rebeca Garcia wrote:


"The RCVS verifies that the qualifications are to the appropriate standard and this means that every veterinary surgeon, without regards to their career path or country of origin, is “a full-dress vet”. Within the Association of Government Veterinarians we continue to remind everyone that veterinarians working in Government, as an example, are fully qualified and trained veterinarians. The fact that they have chosen a particular career path as public health experts, for example, does not mean that they have any lesser level of qualification. It is their career choice."


She asked for the Secretary of State to "rectify the erroneous impression [the] statement has given as soon as possible, to mitigate the potential damage that it has caused"


The British Veterinary Association also responded to Michael Gove's comments. BVA President John Fishwick said:


“The UK workforce is heavily reliant on the skills of our veterinary colleagues who qualified in the EU. Without them the public health and meat hygiene sector would grind to a halt."


“Mr Gove’s comments to Efra Committee are incorrect and insulting to EU vets who are highly qualified for the roles they undertake. We are asking him to retract these comments to demonstrate that the UK Government recognises the value of the whole veterinary profession in the UK, not just those who qualified here."

Launch of Govenment Vet Wellbeing Survey

The Association of Government Veterinarians (AGV) in close collaboration with Government Veterinary Services (GVS) has launched a wellbeing survey.

This survey seeks to capture information relating to the wellbeing of veterinarians undertaking Government roles, including vets directly employed by Government departments and also vets working for the Government under contract, such as Official Veterinarians. This is to recognise and help raise awareness of the multiple challenges faced by veterinarians undertaking roles for Government as a distinct subset of the veterinary profession.


Following the survey, a report will be collated to present key information that:

  • Identifies existing issues affecting government vets wellbeing
  • Identifies existing tools to promote wellbeing within Government and consider developing new ones if necessary.
  • Identifies best practice and any gaps in the wellbeing services currently available that veterinarians in Government roles would benefit from.


This initiative also has support from the UK Chief Veterinary Officer, Government Veterinary Services, Defra, APHA and FSA wellbeing advisers and the Veterinary Public Health Association (VPHA). The survey was launched at the spring AGV/VPHA conference that took place on the 17th of March under the theme “Brexit and the Vet Profession”.


Further Information

Contact: Rebeca Garcia - Rebeca.Garcia@apha.gsi.gov.uk

New president Rebeca Garcia

Rebeca Garcia was voted in as the new AGV President at our Annual General Meeting on 17 March 2018. As part of her new Presidency Rebeca is keen to help raise awareness and promote the role of Government Veterinarians supporting animals and society. As part of this Rebeca launched a new AGV Wellbeing Survey for Government Vets at the 2018 Spring Conference

NEW AGV Careers page

We have launched a new careers page containing a selection of blog posts and useful links for vets looking to start or develop their careers in the Civil Service.


To recommend additional links to include please contact Anthony Ridge - AGV webmaster


Strengthening the voice of UK Government Vets in Europe

We are pleased to announce that AGV Council member Jane Clark was elected to serve as President of the European Association of State Veterinary Officers (EASVO) in November 2017.


EASVO represents the interests of State Veterinary Officers at a European level and is a section of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE).


The Presidency gives Jane the opportunity to build relationships with members of the FVE and the other 3 FVE sections - UEVH (Veterinary Hygienists), UEVP (Veterinary Practitioners) and EVERI (Vets in Education, Research and Industry) - during the EU Exit negotiations.


The FVE/BVA/RCVS have recently issued a joint press release calling on Brexit negotiators to secure animal welfare, surveillance and medicines.

EASVO Board 2017-19

L-R: Ole-Herman Tronerud - Secretary General; Pavel Bravek - Vice President; Jane Clark - President; Ray Finn - Senior Vice President;
Fabien Loup - Vice President; (Absent -  Cornelia Rossi-Broy - Treasurer)

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