AGV Constitution

AGV Constitution
Revised November 2022
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1) The Association of Government Veterinarians agreed at its AGM in March 2004 to change its name from The Association of State Veterinary Officers, to reflect the diversity of Departments and Agencies in which government veterinarians now work: this mirrors the reasoning behind the setting up of the Government Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Head of Profession initiative.

2) AGV aims to:

  • Represent the views of Government Veterinarians to BVA, EASVO and to Government.
  • Promote professional relations between veterinarians in different branches of Government Service within the UK and in Europe.
  • Support and develop CPD appropriate to Government Veterinarians.

3) The AGV statutes have been amended so that membership is now open to all veterinary surgeons permanently employed in any UK Government Department,or their Executive Agencies.

4) AGV as a Specialist Division of BVA:

  • Represented on BVA Council
  • Briefs BVA and responds to consultation requests
  • Produces Members Newsletters
  • Represented at EASVO/FVE
  • Holds annual AGM and Symposium

5) The presence of an AGV representative on both BVA Council and the UK delegation to FVE raises the profile of government veterinarians and fosters relations with BVA and RCVS.

6) The European Association of State Veterinary Officers (EASVO) is:

  • A Specialist Section of the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe. 
  • Co-operates with the Hygienists Section on support for Official Veterinarians and the “Farm to Fork” approach:these fit with both the Animal Health and Welfare Strategy and the Animal Health aspects of the Food Hygiene package.
  • The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE), which represents over 30 European countries, lobbies the European Commission on behalf of the veterinary profession, most recently on food hygiene,education and the maintenance of strong veterinary services.
  • The FVE President has declared his readiness to discuss the role of FVE with the VHoP.